Multiple Truss Styles
Cantilever T-Shed with four storage levels
Retrofitted T-Shed Canopy
T-Sheds are ideal for storage Lumber of any length
Retrofitted T-Shed Canopy
T-Shed with Endwalls
T-Shed Loading
Cantilever T-Shed Systems
  • Versatile and popular storage system
  • Canopies span up to 31’
  • Provides excellent storage volume and efficient use of space
  • Available in almost any arm configuration and column height
  • Easy to store and pick materials
  • Engineer stamped drawings and installations nationwide

Retrofit Projects

  • Able to retrofit new and most existing cantilever racking
  • Great option if you want racking now and cover in the future
  • Trusses and Canopies tailored to meet your storage needs