State-of-the-Art Storage Solutions since 1964

Krauter Equipment Company and its three divisions, Krauter Auto-Stak and Krauter Solutions and Krauter Enviro-Stor, strive to provide state of the art storage solutions of the highest quality to customers both coast-to-coast as well as beyond our borders.

Founded in 1964, Krauter Equipment Company has achieved phenomenal growth and success throughout the decades, and in partnership with Auto-Stak, Krauter Auto-Stak will continue to set the standard for lumberyard storage quality as well as material handling efficiency.  With over 65 years of combined experience under our belt, there is no better alternative than Krauter Auto-Stak in the market today.

Additionally, Krauter Solutions has been a pioneer in Climate-Controlled storage solutions. The integration of steel frame buildings with our cutting-edge insulated panel and refrigeration technology has vaulted Krauter Solutions to the top of its field. With the ability to control both the relative humidity and temperature down to a fraction of a degree in a single system, our patent-pending technology will ensure your product is in the most capable hands. From Clean Rooms to Freezers, Seed Storage Warehouses to Growth Chambers, the team at Krauter Solutions is ready to work for you.

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with branch locations in Westwood, New Jersey and Burlington, Ontario, our nationwide and international team, from concept to completion, has got you covered.